Thursday, March 20, 2008

La La La Laundry

It only took me four years of living with Ryan to come up with an efficient method of doing laundry. We are very excited!

I am not one to be good about remembering when to switch the loads. Anytime I get started I wind up getting sidetracked.

I can't stand it when Ryan does the laundry. He simply grabs whatever he finds and throws it in all together. I freak out!

I do enjoy folding and hanging up clothes, but I LOATHE putting it away. It winds up sitting on my formal dining room table until a baby or four show up and yank it onto the floor.

Not anymore!! We figured it out. I sort. Ryan runs and cycles it in the machines. I fold and hang. Kids and Ryan are in charge of hanging up and putting away in drawers. Ahhhhh. It sounds simple and obvious enough, but I was too much of a control freak to ever split up the chore.

Now that I am finally on top of the laundry, I can focus on switching out the clothes to match the season and start consigning!



Mother Cardinal said...

my husband is the type who will just throw things in the wash with out sorting things. Imagine my joy when I saw a comercial for Shout color guard sheets. all you do is toss one in with each load and it catches any color that bleeds into the wash so clothing doesn't get stained. To be sure it truly worked Craig decided to add a red shirt in with a load of all white clothes. Not a sinlde thing turned pink. said...

I always wondered if those worked! I might have to grab a pack for the times Ryan decides he isn't going to wait for a sorted load. Thanks so much for the tip!