Monday, February 25, 2008

It Would Be Fun!

Last night I was in bed next to my wonderful husband. We started talking about our sweet kids. They only came up because we had spent the evening away from them. After picking them up from the sitter's we had the chore of carrying each sleeping child into the house. There is something completely adorable about sleeping kids. They are so warm and cuddly!

In the middle of our conversation, he started accusing me of having a favorite. I started smiling. My favorite is usually the one in my lap. This time, however, he was talking about my third child. It isn't that she is THE favorite, I have a different bond with each, but she is my child I never thought I would have the opportunity to have. I was a divorced woman for crying out loud. I didn't think I could find another man, let alone one who would marry me and produce MORE children. It sparked a conversation about the hospital stays for each pregnancy. That's when he said it.

"It truly would be fun to do again."

My heart skipped a beat. Did he say what I think he said? Did he mean it would be fun to have another baby? He has always said no more babies. But he just said . . . then he clarified -

"It would be interesting to see if you freak out about the epidural again."

That is my man. Another baby? No. Guessing whether his strong, confident woman would LOSE it again? Yes, that would be fun times. Thanks babe. I love you too.



Mother Cardinal said...

Typical man. Craigs favortie story to tell about our sons birth is of making the nurse so pissed off that she stormed out and came immediately back in with the tools needed to give me an epidural, slammed them down on the table in my room announced the anesthesiologist would be in soon and left. I am normaly a super tough strong woman and he likes to remind me of the one time I was not so tough. said...

LOL, That is really impressive if you flustered the nurse. They are usually so professional (having seen it all). Props to you for having such an accomplishment!!!