Friday, February 22, 2008

Boys Being Boys

My son rummaged through his Valentines and was excited to find six temporary tatoos. One of them was an image of a Bratz doll. He handed it to me and said -

"Can you save this for me? I want to use it someday, but not right now, maybe this weekend." Then, he added in a whisper, "Because I like Bratz too, but please don't tell anyone."

Gender rolls - looks like we are in the girl-stuff-is-icky phase. Poor thing. He lives in a family where you are allowed to like whatever you like. Ryan's favorite color is purple, Grandpa used to take dance lessons, and Uncle is a stylist/salon owner (I should probably add - straight). My son himself used to be in a competitive dance duo. Too bad the rest world isn't always as accepting.



Mother Cardinal said...

I know first hand how the outside workd can be regarding gender rolls. My son Elijah's favorite things to play with are his sisters dress up shoes and a purse. My husband tries to cal it his bag but Elijah gets mad and says it's not a bag daddy it's a purse. He gets made if I don't let him play in any old makeup I happen to be throwing away. Craigs best friend will cringe if he sees Elijah with is purse and is always making the comment that if he were his son that would be nipped in the bud real quick.

Shawn said...

Hopefully the world will be more accepting when he gets a little older..... said...

Yeah, whatever dude! My baby (beatle) has two favorite toys currently - his purse and his baby. I think it is the most adorable thing ever!

And Shawn - I hope so too!